The Omnibus Story

Omnibus Technologies & Solutions was named by our CEO. It hearkens back to his days at the prestigious Baltimore City College High School. Students were taught the pledge of allegiance in Latin and the very last word is omnibus (for all). The word “Omnibus” has become a City College membership check or a simple word of acknowledgment amongst alumni. Naming the company Omnibus was a way to build on the shoulders of all the leaders, past and present, that walked the hallways of the “ Castle on the Hill.”

One of the company’s many initiatives is to introduce STEM careers and life-changing opportunities to students in Baltimore and the surrounding areas to ensure that success is “for all.”

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Software Development

We develop software to meet any need. No project is too big or too small. Omnibus was built from the ground up to adapt.

System Engineering

Finding new solutions is just one of our specialties. Our system engineers create innovative solutions every day.

Project Management

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. That’s where we come in! Omnibus is proud to offer project management services.

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